Student Theses

Walsh, G.Preliminary Acoustic Investigation of a Coaxial Helicopter in High-Speed Flight2016M.S.
McIntyre, S. A Multi-Scale Simulation Approach for Geared Transmission Aero-thermodynamics2016Ph.D.
Yu, Q.Development of a Gear-Meshing Tribology Model with Application to Loss-of-Lubrication Analysis2016Ph.D.
Choephel, T.Aerodynamic Analysis of Helicopter Rotors Using a Higher-Order, Free-Wake Method2016Ph.D.
Yang, T.Study of Active Rotor Control for In-Plane Rotor Noise Reduction2016Ph.D.
Cole, J. A.A Higher-order Free-wake Method For Aerodynamic Performance Prediction Ofpropeller-wing Systems2016Ph.D.
Han, Y.Aerodynamics and Thermal Physics of Helicopter Ice Accretion2016Ph.D.
Kopp, ReedMulti-Fidelity Modeling of Interfacial Micromechanics for Off-Aligned Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites2016M.S.
Cheng, B.Helicopter Rotor Noise Investigation During Ice Accretion2016Ph.D.
Thorsen, A.T.A Unified Flight Control Methodology for a Compound Rotorcraft In Fundamental and Aerobatic Maneuvering Flight2016Ph.D.
Holmes, WillVision-based deck state estimation and Tau-guidance for autonomous landing2016M.S.
Kambampati, S.Optimization Of Composite Tiltrotor Wings With Extensions And Winglets2016Ph.D.
Bondoux, AlexandreModeling, Design and Testing of a Multi-Cellperiodic Fluidic Flexible Matrix Composite Device2015M.S.
Costa, GuillermoDesign, Fabrication, Test, and Evaluation of Small-Scale Tiltrotor Whirl Flutter Wind Tunnel Models2015M.S.
Johnson, SamuelDesign and Testing of a Small, Semi-Span, Prop-Rotor Model for Whirl Flutter Stability2014M.S.
Brown, ChristineComputational Modeling of Rotor Blade Performance Degradation Due to Ice Accretion2013M.S.
Froede, ErickComputer Aided Design, Simulation and Transmission Error Analysis of a Face Gear Pair2013M.S.
Wozniak, MichaelDesign, Analysis, and Characterization of Lead Magnesium Niobate –Lead Titanate (PMN-PT) Single Crystal Energy Harvesters for Rotorcraft Wireless Sensor Applications2013M.S.
Soltis, JaredDesign and Testing of an Erosion Resistant Ultrasonic De-icing System for Rotorcraft Blades 2013M.S.
Overmeyer, AustinActuator Bondline Optimization and Experimental Deicing of a Rotor Blade Ultrasonic Deicing System2012M.S.
Han, YiqiangTheoretical and Experimental Study of Scaling Methods for Rotor Blade Ice accretion Testing 2011M.S.
Quintangeli, MichaelAn Energy Harvesting Device for Powering Rotor Load Monitoring Sensors2011M.S.
Romano, PeterInvestigation of Contact Acoustic Nonlinearities on Metal and Composite Airframe Structures via Intensity Based Health Monitoring2011M.S.
Zhu, YunStructural Tailoring and Actuation Studies for Low Power Ultrasonic De-Icing of Aluminum and Composite Plates2010Ph.D.
Shin, Bong GunPrediction of Sand Particle Trajectories and Sand Erosion Damage on Helicopter Rotor Blades2010Ph.D.
Sollenberger, StanCharacterization and Modeling of a Flexible Matrix Composite Material for Advanced Rotorcraft Drivelines2010M.S.
Reagor, Cameron P.An Optimal Gear Design Method for Minimization of Transmission Error and Vibration Excitation2010Ph.D.
Slaby, JasonInfluence of Pylon Airloads and Composite Tailoring on Aeroelastic Stability of a Forward Swept Wing 2010M.S.
Johnson, TerrenceBistable Devices for Morphing Rotor Blades2010Ph.D.
Mohanamuraly, PavanakumarAcoustic Prediction of Heavy Lift Rotor Configurations Using Momentum Source Method2010M.S.
Santarelli, DavidAn Energy Harvesting Device For Powering Rotor Load Monitoring Sensors2010M.S.
Akturk, AliDucted Fan Inlet/Exit And Rotor Tip Flow Improvements for Vertical Lift Systems2010Ph.D.
Paik, JinhoThe Aeroelastic Stability Improvements of Soft-Inplane Tiltrotors By Active and Passive Approaches2009Ph.D.
Murray, GabeTwo Novel Uses of Cellular Structures2009M.S.
Geiger, BrianUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Trajectory Planning with Direct Methods2009Ph.D.
Myers, LeightonAerodynamic Experiments on a Ducted Fan in Hover and Edgewise Flight2009M.S.
Semperlotti, FabioStructural Damage Detection via Nonlinear System Identification and Structural Intensity Methods2009Ph.D.
Yomchinda, ThananIntegrated Flight Control Design and Handling Qualities Analysis for a Tiltrotor Aircraft2009M.S.
Guo, Weilight Control Design for Rotorcraft with Variable Rotor Speed2009Ph.D.
Tiwari, Chandrashekhar Innovative Energy Absorbing and Load Limiting Devices Based on Composite Tubes2009M.S.
Lopes, Leonard V.A New Approach to Complete Aircraft Landing Gear Noise Prediction2009Ph.D.
Olympio, Kingnide RaymondCompliant Load-Bearing Skins and Structures for Morphing Aircraft Applications2009Ph.D.
Saribay, Zihni BurcayAnalytical Investigation of the Pericyclic Variable-Speed Transmission System for Helicopter Main-Gearbox2009Ph.D.
Schmidt, WalterOpen-Crack Damage Assessments of Aluminum Panels Using Structural Intensity-Based Techniques2009M.S.
Atli-Veltin, BilimEffect of Geometric Parameters on the In-Plane Crushing Behavior of Honeycombs and Honeycombs with Facesheets2009Ph.D.
Bossenbroek, KirstenDamage Tolerance of Layer-Wise Hybrid Laminates Consisting of Glass Reinforced Flexible and Rigid Epoxy Resins2008M.S.
Marques, AlvordControllable Elastic Coupling of Composite Multi-Layer Beams2008M.S.
Kinzel, MichaelComputational Techniques and Analysis of Cavitating-Fluid Flows2008Ph.D.
Roedts II, RobertRotorcraft Performance Enhancements Due to a Lower-Surface Minature Effector2008M.S.
Tobias, EricDevelopment of Modeling and Simulation Tools for Analysis of Ducted Fan Aircraft 2008M.S.
Steiner, JasonAn Investigation of Performance Benefits and Trim Requirements of a Variable Speed Helicopter Rotor2008M.S.
Palacios, JoseDesign, Fabrication, and Testing of an Ultrasonic De-icing System for Helicopter Rotor Blades 2008Ph.D.
Montanye, PamelaShipboard Helicopter Gust Response Alleviation Using Active Trailing Edge Flaps2008M.S.
Sollenberger, StanEvaluation of Stress Concentrations in Misaligned Flexible Matrix Composite Driveshafts2008B.S.
Rufino, RussellMorphing Unmanned Underwater Vehicles2008M.S.
Mistry, MihirInduced Warp Systems to Obtain Active Twist of Rotor Blades2008M.S.
Thiel, MichaelActuation of an Active Gurney Flap2006M.S.
Chen, Samuel H.Rotor Noise in Maneuvering Flight2006Ph.D.
Sezer-Uzol, NilayUnsteady Flow Simulations Around Complex Geometries Using Stationary or Rotating Unstructured Grids2006Ph.D.
Shan, YingFlexible Matrix Composites: Dynamic Characterization, Modeling, and Potential for Driveshaft Applications2006Ph.D.
Alpman, EmreReynolds Stress Modeling of Separated Turbulent2006Ph.D.
Byers, LynnHelicopter Rotor Lag Damping Augmentation2006Ph.D.
Sahani, Nilesh Envelope Protection Systems For Piloted2005Ph.D.
Nampy, SreenivasStructural Behavior & Design of Flexible Matrix2005M.S.
Lee, DooYongSimulation & Control of a Helicopter Operating2005Ph.D.
Hathaway, EricActive & Passive Techniques for Tiltrotor2005Ph.D.
Jirapatnakul, ArtitA Multi-Sensor Embedded Microcontroller System2005B.S.
Mayrides, BrianAnalysis and Synthesis of Highly Flexible Rotorcraft Drivelines with Flexible Matrix Composite Shafting2005M.S.
Kim, Jun-SikDesign And Analysis Of Rotor Systems2005Ph.D.
DeSmidt, HansRobust-Adaptive Active Vibration Control of Alloy and Flexible Matrix Composite Rotorcraft Drivelines via Magnetic Bearings: Theory and Experiment2005Ph.D.
Kinzel, MichaelMiniature Trailing-Edge Effectors for Rotorcraft Applications2004M.S.
Sharma, AnupamNumerical Simulations of Blast-Impact Problems Using the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method2004Ph.D.
Palacios, JoseDynamic Analysis & Experimental Testing2004M.S.
Petrie, JasonHelicopter Rotor Blade Lag Damping Using Fluid Elastic Embedded Chordwise Inertial Dampers2004M.S.
Bridges, DerekDamage Mitigating Control of Rotorcraft2003M.S.
Davis, RonThe Development of Experimental Teaching Facilities for Rotorcraft Aerodynamics and Dynamics2003M.S.
Szefi, JosephHelicopter Gearbox Isolation Using Periodically2003Ph.D.
Anusonti-Inthra, PhuriwatSemi-Active Control of Helicopter Vibration Using Controllable Stiffness and Damping Devices2002Ph.D.
Heverly II, David E.Optimal Actuator Placement And Active2002Ph.D.
Ocalan, MuratHigh Flexibility Rotorcraft Driveshafts Using Flexible2002M.S.
Modi, AnirudhReal-Time Visualization of Aerospace Simulations Using Computational Steering and Beowulf Clusters2002Ph.D.
Bridges, DerekLHA Ship Airwake Simulations2001B.S.
Howard, AnnaStability of Soft-Inplane Tiltrotors2001Ph.D.
Sezer-Uzol, NilayHigh-accuracy Wake and Vortex Simulations Using a Hybrid Euler/Discrete Vortex Method 2001M.S.
Stevens, PattyActive Interrogation of Rotor Faults2001Ph.D.
Kang, HaoRotor Blade Lag Damping Using Embedded Chordwise Absorbers2001Ph.D.
Keller, JonTransient Aeroelastic Response2001Ph.D.
Zhang, JianhuaActive-Passive Optimization of Blades 2001Ph.D.
Brackbill, ChrisRotor Aeroelastic Analysis2000Ph.D.
Floros, MattElastically Tailored Composite Rotor Blades2000Ph.D.
Alam, AskariAeromechanical Stability Augmentation2000Ph.D.
Schweitzer, SteveFuselage CFD Predictions1999M.S.
Hall, ChrisRotor CFD Simulations1998M.S.
Tauszig, LionelBlade Vortex Interaction Detections1998M.S.