2006 to 2010 Research


A Post-Processing System for Physics Based Derived Rotorcraft Computational Aero-Acoustics Simulations
Faculty: Duque, Brentner, Sponsor: NASA

An Ultrasonic Ice Protection System for Rotor Blades
Faculty: Smith, Rose, FBS with Royer, Sponsor: Army AATD

High Resolution CFD Analysis of Rotorcraft Rotor Icing
Faculty: Noack, Morris, Smith

Phase I Air Force SBIR with PSI (and West Virginia Univ and Iowa State Univ) on
Dynamic Roughness for Control of Airfoil Flow Separation
Faculty: Smith, Sponsor: Air Force

Rotorcraft Transmission Noise Path Model, Including Distributed Fluid Film Bearing Impedance Modeling
Faculty: Hambric, Bill, Smith

Integrated Propulsion System Modeling
Faculty: Wang, Smith, Bill, DeSmidt @ Univ of Tennessee, Sponsor: NASA Glenn Research Center

Gearbox Windage Loss CFD
Faculty: Kunz, Morris, Long, Sponsor: NASA Glenn Research

Development and Testing of Miniature Trailing-Edge Effectors for Active Rotor Control
Faculty: Gandi and Maughmer, Sponsor: NRTC Rotorcraft Center Task

Innovative Overset Grid Connectivity Software for Unstructured Rotorcraft Simulations
Faculty: Noack, Sponsor: NASA Langley Research Center, (GA Tech, prime)

Structural Damping and Health Monitoring Enhancement via Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Based Composites Tailoring
Faculty: Bakis, Wang, Sponsor: Army Research Office

Heavy-Lift Helicopter Blade Design
Faculty: Smith, Sponsor: US Army Rotorcraft

X-Hawk Engineering Analysis and Feasibility Study
Faculty: Smith, McLaughlin, Sponsor: Office of Naval Research

Airfoil Testing and Design Support
Facutly: Maughmer, (Airfoils Inc. with Somers), Sponsor: Army Ames

Airframe Vibration Control
Faculty: Smith, Rahn , INVERCON. with Szefi, Sponsor: Army Ames

Structural Health Monitoring
Faculty: Conlon; Sponsor AATD

Blade Erosion
Faculty: Camci; Sponsor: UTRC, Sikorsky, CRI

Structural Durability Tech
Faculty: Bakis; Sponsor: Rhombus, NAVAIR SBIR

Time Domain Airframe Vib Control
Faculty: Smith, Rahn Sponsor: INVERCON via US Army AFDD SBIR

Nonthermal Anti-Icing
Faculty: Rose, Smith, FBS with Royer, Sponsor: Army AATD

Piezo Flap Actuators
Faculty: Smith, Mockensturm , INVERCON. with Szefi, Sponsor: Army AATD

Gear Health Monitoring
Faculty: Mark, with Northrup/Grumman, Sponsor: DARPA

Nastic Structures
Faculty: Bakis,Wang, Rahn, et al, Sponsor: DARPA

Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence
Sponsor: US Dept of Army

  • Interactional Aerodynamics for Noise Prediction of Heavy Lift Configurations,
    Faculty: Ken Brentner, Ganesh Rajagopalan, Lyle Long
  • Overset Grid/Gridless Methods for Fuselage and Rotor Wakes
    Faculty: Earl Duque
  • Performance Improvements In The Tip/Casing Region of Ducted-Fan Systems Used In Vertical Lift Systems And UAV’S,
    Faculty: Cengiz Camci
  • Structures and Materials Concepts for Lightweight, Composite Rotor Blades,
    Faculty: Charles Bakis, Kevin Koudela, Edward Smith
  • Next Generation Carbon-Nanotube/Carbon-Fiber Composites for Mechanical Properties,
    Faculty: Nikhil Koratkar, Linda Schadler
  • Rotor Blade Anti-Icing and Erosion Protection Systems,
    Faculty: Edward Smith, Joseph Rose, Cenciz Camci
  • Flight Control Design for Rotorcraft with Variable Rotor Speed,
    Faculty: Joseph Horn
  • Miniature Trailing-Edge Effectors (Active Gurneys) for Rotor Performance and Aeromechanics,
    Faculty: Frahan Gandhi, Mark Maughmer, George Lesieutre
  • Prediction of Acoustic Scattering and Nonlinear Propagation for Heavy Lift Rotorcraft,
    Faculty: Ken Brentner, Phillip Morris
  • Advanced Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Rotorcraft Planetary Gears,
    Faculty: R.G. Parker, Robert Bill
  • Software Engineering for Reduced Cost Avionics,
    Faculty: Ronald Leach

Naval Rotorcraft Technologies to Enhance Safety, Survivability and Performance
Sponsor: Office of Naval Research

  • Rotor Flowfield/Ship Airwake Coulpling During Shipboard DI
    Faculty: Lyle Long, Joseph Horn
  • Optimal Propulsion System Design for Variable Speed Rotors
    Faculty: Edward Smith, Suren Rao, Kon-Well Wang
  • Active Rotors for Enhanced Shipboard DI
    Faculty: Edward Smith, Kon-Well Wang, Steve Conlon
  • Flight Simulation of Advanced Ducted Fan Air Vehicles
    Faculty: Joseph Horn
  • Crashworthy Systems for High Mass Payload Items
    Faculty: Charles Bakis, Mike Yukish, Edward Smith
  • Shape memory Alloy (SMA) Cellular honeycomb-based Crashworthy Structures
    Faculty: Farhan Gandhi
  • Active Rotors for Blade Loads Control
    Faculty: Edward Smith, Kon-Well Wang
  • Performance, Vibration and Noise Benefits of Variable-RPM Rotors
    Faculty: Farhan Gandhi
  • Understanding & Predicting Ducted Fan Vehicle Performance with Experiments & CFD
    Faculty: Dennis McLaughlin, Lyle Long
  • Rotor System Analysis and Optimal Design of Advanced Ducted Fan Air Vehicles
    Faculty: Edward Smith
  • Aeroacoustics of Advanced Ducted Fan Air Vehicles
    Faculty: Ken Brentner

Comprehensive Modeling and Analysis of Rotorcraft Variable Speed Propulsion System with Coupled Engine/Transmission/Rotor Dynamics
Faculty PI: Kon-well Wang, Edward Smith, Bob Bill, Hans DeSmidt (Uni ov Tenn); Sponsor: NASA

Development and Testing of a Nonthermal Rotor Blade Anti-Icing System
Faculty PI: Edward Smith, Joseph Rose; Sponsor: Bell Helicopter Textron

Condition Based Maintenance Damage Detection Technology
Faculty PI: Edward Smith, Kon-Well Wang, Joseph Rose, Steve Conlon; Sponsor: Center for Rotorcraft Innovation

Multi Disciplinary Optimal Design and CFD Windage Simulation of Rotorcraft Transmission System
Faculty PI: Edward Smith, Kon-Well Wang, Rob Kunz, Richard Medvitz; Sponsor: Center for Rotorcraft Innovation

Design, System Evaluation, and Testing of Flexable Composite Driveshafts
Faculty PI: Edward Smith, Charles Bakis, Kon-Well Wang, Greg Dillon; Sponsor: Center for Rotorcraft Innovation, Bell Helicopter Textron, Boeing Rotorcraft, Goodrich

Wind Tunnel Testing of Three Tiltrotor Blade Airfoils
Faculty PI: Maughmer and Somers; Sponsor: U.S. Army, Ames Research Center

Damper Modeling
Faculty: Smith, Lesieutre; Sponsor: Bell, LORD Corp

Drive Systems
Faculty: Smith, Bill; Sponsor: PURDY Corp

Rotor Blade Anti-Icing
Faculty: Smith, Rose; Sponsor: Bell, FBS Inc., AATD SBIR

High Authority TEF Actuation
Faculty: Invercon prime with Smith, Wang, Sub; Sponsor: INVERCON LLC AATD SBIR

Flexible Composite Driveshafts I
Faculty: Smith, Brentner, Bakis; Sponsor: Bell, Boeing, Goodrich , Kaman CRI

Rotor System Damage Detection x 3
Faculty: Conlon, Smith, Rose; Sponsor: CRI

Shipboard Flight Simulation and Controls
Faculty: Horn; Sponsor: Sikorsky, CRI

Tiltrotor Stability Augmentation
Faculty: Gandhi; Sponsor: Bell, CRI

Low Reynolds Number, High-Lift Airfoil Design for VTOL UAVs, Phase I
Faculty PI: Maughmer and Somers; Sponsor: U.S. Army, Ames Research Center

Low Reynolds Number, High-Lift Airfoil Design for VTOL UAVs, Phase II
Faculty PI: Maughmer and Somers; Sponsor: U.S. Army, Ames Research Center

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