2016 to 2017 Research


Ultrasonic Guided Wave Sensing System Sensitive to Local Microstructure Variation
American Society for Nondestructive Testing Fellowship
Faculty: Lissenden, C.

Detection of Manufacturing Defects In Thick Composites, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Principal Investigator: Lissenden, C.

Rotorcraft Noise Abatement Operating Conditions Modeling
Principal Investigator: Kenneth S. Brentner, Federal Aviation Administration, Patricia Watts.

High-Performance Computing System for Real-Time Analysis of Rotorcraft Aeromechanics
Principal Investigator: Sven Schmitz, Co-PI: Kenneth S. Brentner, Office of Naval Research, Elizabeth Ford.

Economical Thin-Haul Aviation Concepts (ETHACS)
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Brentner, Georgia Institute of Technology (In support of GIT NASA Learn Project, NASA ARMD), Brian German.

Fundamental Investigations into Future Low-Drag Single-/ and Co-axial Rotor Hub Systems
Faculty: Schmitz, Jaffa, Coder. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Advanced Transition and Turbulence Modeling for Rotorcraft CFD Applications
Faculty: Coder, Glasby. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Ice Adhesion Strength Modeling and Mitigation Via Low Surface Roughness Erosion Resistant Coatings for Rotor Blades
Faculty: Palacios, Wolfe. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Seamless Manufacturing of Hybrid-Material Turbines for High Temperature Rotorcraft Propulsion System by Field Assisted Sintering
Faculty: Yamamoto, Singh. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Fidelity Requirements for Ship Airwake Modeling in Dynamic Interface Simulations
Faculty: Horn, Schmitz, Kinzel, Leishman, Gnanamanickam. 2016 VLRCOE Task

High Airspeed Carriage of External Loads
Faculty: Horn, Langelaan, Enciu, Rosen. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Load Alleviation Control Design Using High Order Dynamic Models
Faculty: Horn, Enciu. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Fundamental Aeroacoustics of Coaxial Helicopter Rotors
Faculty: Brentner, Lee. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Enhanced Damping for High-Speed Rigid Rotors via Tailored Hybrid Nanocomposites and Flexible Fluidic Matrix Composite Blade Dampers
Faculty: Smith, Rahn, Bakis. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Experimental and Computational Analysis of Thermal and Dynamic Performance of Hybrid Gears Under Normal and Loss-of-Lubrication Operation
Faculty: McIntyre, Isaacson, Campbell, Juska. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Experimental Validation, Noise and Dynamic Analysis and Variable Speed Attributes of High Power Density Pericyclic Transmission
Faculty: Smith, DeSmidt, Bill. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Active Clutch Engagement Control and Maneuver-Assisted Shifting for Two-Speed Rotorcraft Transmissions
Faculty: DeSmidt, Smith, Bill. 2016 VLRCOE Task

Slung Load State and Parameter Estimation for Autonomous Multi-lift   Systems
Faculty: Langelaan, Horn. Sponser: 2016 VLRCOE Task

Vertical Lift Consortium (Army, Navy + Industry)

  • Computational and Experimental Investigation of Interactional Aerodynamics Relevant to Rotor Hub and Empennage Flows (Schmitz, Coder, Foster + GA TECH)
  • Next Generation Rotorcraft Electric and Hydraulic Actuation System Design and
    Optimization (Merenich, Yukish + EATON)
  • Design Tool for Gearbox Loss-of-Lubrication Performance (Kunz, McIntyre)
  • Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Requirements for Future Configurations and Missions
    Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC), funded by the U.S. Army, partnered with Sikorsky Aircraft, Boeing, and Bell Helicopters.
    Faculty: Horn, J. F.
  • U of Tenn VLC Project – Development of an Airfoil Design and Analysis Tool for Rotorcraft Applications (Coder

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Office of Naval Research (ONR)

  • Flight Test Measurement of Airwake Disturbances for Validation of Virtual Dynamic Interface Simulations (Horn, Snyder USNA, + Barron Assoc)
  • Autonomous Control Modes and Optimized Path Guidance for Shipboard Landing in High Sea States  (Horn with ART)
  • Pilot-in-the-Loop CFD Method Development (Horn)
  • Experimental and Computational Study of Impinging-Jet Flowfields (McLaughlin, Morris)
  • 2017 DURIP Award: Time-Resolved PIV Measurements for High Resolution Flow Measurements (Leishman, Gnanamanickam, Zhang at ERAU)
  • 2016-2017 DURIP Award on Computing/Simulation High-Performance Computing System for Real Time Analysis of Rotorcraft Aeromechanics (Schmitz and Brentner)
  • 1D-patterned Nanocomposites Structured Using Oscillating Magnetic Fields (Yamamoto)
  • Multi-functional Nano-porous Ceramics (Singh and Yamamoto)
  • DURIP Award on Scalable manufacturing of hierarchical 3D polymer nanocomposites using oscillating magnetic fields (Yamamoto)


  • Boeing Next Generation Rotorcraft Transmission (DeSmidt at UTK)
  • Loads Simulation for Variable Speed Rotorcraft Drivelines (UTenn DeSmidt, PSU Smith & BIll)

Army Research Lab (ARL)

  • Design of Composite Shafts for Testing at APG (Bakis)
  • Survivability Study of Rotorcraft with Power Loss for Multi-Rotor Configuration (Smith and Zhang)
  • Tiltrotor Wind Tunnel Model Design (Smith and Zhang)


  • Autonomous UAV Aerodynamic Performance Analysis for the Near-Ship Environment (STTR Phase II with CRAFT-Tech, Horn)
  • V22 Deck Heating Analysis (Kunz, Tarter, Zajaczkowski)
  • Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing (PBFAM) for V-22 components (Reutzel)


  • Design and fabrication of an ice adhesion strength rig using centrifugal forces (NASA Glenn)
  • Ice protective coating evaluation for Rotorcraft (NASA Langley)
  • Bearing Loads Analysis for Pericyclic Transmissions Harvesting (NASA Aeronautics Fellowship for Zach Cameron)
  • Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft Comprehensive Analysis & Design Tool (Horn with CDI)
  • Ice Adhesion Testing and Surface Characterization of Hydrophilic Coatings with Hydrogen-Bondings (Palacios)
  • Experimental Measurement of Ice Crystal Dynamics (Palacios)
  • Comprehensive Variable-Speed Rotorcraft Propulsion Modeling Tool (Smith and DeSmidt at Utenn)

Bell Helicopter TEXTRON

  • Gear Research Consortium (Isaacson)


  • Loss of Lubrication Testing (via VLC, Isaacson)
  • Loss of lubrication CFD simulation (McIntyre)
  • Gear Research Consortium (Isaacson)

Hughes Research Lab/Boeing

  • Ice protective coating evaluations for rotorcraft (Palacios)


  • Dynamic Gear Testing – AATD FARDS program (Isaacson)
  • Support for Hub Drag testing – VLRCOE program (Schmitz)
  • Gear Research Consortium (Isaacson)

GE Global Research

  • Ice Accretion to Cascade Flow Configurations of Engine Compressors (Palacios)

LORD Corporation

  • Vibration Control via Coupled Fluidic Pitch Links (Rahn and Smith)
  • Passive Balancing Device for Supercritical Drive Shafts (Palacios)

Monterey Technologies Inc

  • Gearbox windage CFD for Dual Start Idler, and windage reduction (McIntyre)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Flexible Fluidic Matrix Composites for Vibration Control and Energy Harvesting (NSF Fellowship for Matt Krott)
  • Mixing elastic waves to nondestructively characterize microstructure during additive manufacturing of metals (Lissenden, Nassar)

Department of Defense (DoD)

  • Engine Icing CFD Simulations (NDSEG Fellowship for Belen Veras-Alba)
  • Active Rotors for Performance and Vibration Control (NDSEG Fellowship for Ethan Corle)
  • Handling Qualities Requirements for High Speed Rotorcraft Configurations (SMART Fellowship for Tom Berger)
  • Impinging Hot/Cold Jet flows (SMART Fellowships for Scott Hromisin and Leighton Myers)

Gear Research Institute (Aerospace Bloc) – Isaacson, PSU ARL

  • Avio Group (Italy), Bell Helicopter, Boeing (Mesa and Philadelphia), Carpenter Technology Corporation, General Electric, Aviation, General Electric, Global Research, Honeywell International, Pratt & Whitney (East Hartford, CT and Quebec, Canada), REM Surface Engineering, Rolls Royce, Sikorsky Aircraft, UTC Aerospace Systems