Work with Us

How to work with our team

There are several ways you can work with us on a research project:

  • Sponsored research contract (formal contract mechanism)
  • Gift or grant
  • Graduate student fellowship (may include internships at your location)

All collaborations can lead to new joint proposal activities, enhanced hiring access to our pool of more than 50 highly trained and motivated graduate students…. Not to mention all sorts of new ideas and products!

We are always interested in donations or loans of hardware for educational and instructional exhibits.

We are also interested in Sponsors (cost is approximately $1000 for “good” food) and Seminar Speakers (topic of your choice) for our annual American Helicopter Society Student Chapter Meetings – we have the largest, and most active Student AHS Chapter in the world.

We are also always interested in industry-sponsored Senior Design-Build-Test projects (approximately $5-10K per year) for our multidisciplinary design class.

Contact us for more information.

VLRCOE team members and alumni.