Faculty, Scientists and Staff

VLRCOE Directors

Dr. Edward Smith

Dr. Edward Smith


Aerospace Engineering

E-mail: ecs5@psu.edu

Phone: 814-863-0966

American Helicopter Society faculty advisor; Rotorcraft dynamics and aeromechanics; Composite and smart structures; Active and passive vibration control; Elastomeric materials.

Dr. Ken Brentner

Dr. Ken Brentner

Administrative Director

Aerospace Engineering

E-mail: ksb16@psu.edu

Phone: 814-865-6433

Rotorcraft acoustics, Computational aeroacoustics, High-performance computing, Aerodynamics.

Dr. Joseph Horn

Dr. Joe Horn

Associate Director

Aerospace Engineering

E-mail: joehorn@psu.edu

Phone: 814-865-6434

Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control, Rotorcraft Flight Dynamics and Control

Dr. Stephen Conlon

Dr. Steve Conlon

Associate Director

Applied Research Laboratory / Aerospace Engineering

E-mail: scc135@psu.edu

Phone: 814-863-9894

Structures, Structural Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control, SHM, Wireless Sensing

Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Charles Bakis

Engineering Science and Mechanics  |  Email: cbakis@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-3178

Manufacturing, Performance, Evaluation, Mechanics of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

Dr. Cengiz Camci

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: Phone: 814-865-9871

Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery, fluid mechanics, heat transfer in propulsion systems, non-intrusive flow diagnostics, liquid crystal thermography, finite element method in fluid mechanics and heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics.

Dr. James Coder

University of Tennessee  |  Email: jcoder@utk.edu

Computational fluid dynamics, applied aerodynamics, laminar-turbulent transition modeling, turbulence modeling

Dr. Hans DeSmidt

University of Tennessee  |  Email: hdesmidt@utk.edu  |  Phone: 865-974-5259

Drive Systems, Active Structural Control, Structural Dynamics, Smart Structures

Dr. Ryan Glasby

UT Joint Institute for Computational Sciences  |  Email: ryan-glasby@tennessee.edu  |  Phone: 614-581-2852

Algorithm development for higher-order unstructured computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications, modern software engineering methodologies, and higher-order mesh generation

Dr. Ebenezer Gnanamanickam

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  |  Email: Ebenezer@erau.edu

Experimental aerodynamics, turbulent boundary layers and their control, measurements techniques

Dr. Robert Kunz

Mechanical Engineering  |  Email: rfk102@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-2144

CFD, Multi-phase Flow, Gearbox and Propulsion System Flow Simulation

Dr. Jack Langelaan

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: jlangelaan@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-6817

Sensor fusion and estimation, control and path planning for autonomous vehicles and robots. Autonomous mobility in cluttered terrain. Cooperative estimation by teams of autonomous robots or distributed sensor networks. Autonomous soaring flight.

Dr. Seongkyu Lee

University of California  |  Email: skulee@ucdavis.edu  |  Phone: 530-752-4432

CFD for rotating blades, computational aeroacoustics, turbulent broadband noise

Dr. Gordon Leishman

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  | Email: Gordon.Leishman@erau.edu

Rotorcraft aerodynamics and aeromechanic

Dr. George Lesieutre

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: g-lesieutre@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-0103

Structural dynamics of aerospace vehicles, composites. Vibration control, passive damping. Adaptive structures, piezoelectric actuation. Health monitoring, energy harvesting. Systems engineering.

Dr. Cliff Lissenden

Engineering Science and Mechanics  |  Email: Lissenden@psu.edu  |  814-863-5754

Structural Integrity

Dr. Mark Maughmer

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: mdm@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-4485

Aerodynamics, aircraft design, aircraft stability and control

Dr. Dennis McLaughlin

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: dkm2@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-2560

Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Aeroacoustics

Dr. Philip Morris

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: pjm@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-0157

Interim Department Head; Aeroacoustics, numerical simulation, hydrodynamic stability, turbulence modeling

Dr. Jose Palacios

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: jlp324@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-867-4871

Aircraft icing, Rotorcraft aeromechanics, Active rotors

Dr. Chris Rahn

Mechanical Engineering  |  Email: cdrahn@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-6237

Active Controls, Structural Dynamics

Dr. Joe Rose

Engineering Science and Mechanics  |  Email: jlresm@engr.psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-8026

Ultrasonic Inspection, Icing

Dr. Aviv Rosen

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology  |  Email: aerosen@technion.ac.il

Rotors and propellers aeromechanics and structural dynamics; Rotorcraft, wind turbines, and propeller systems analysis, design and optimization; structural mechanics and dynamics

Dr. Sven Schmitz

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: sus52@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-0778

Basic and applied research in computational fluid dynamics and wind energy

Dr. Namiko Yamamoto

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: nuy12@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-867-5775

Scalable manufacturing and micro-structuring of novel multi-functional nanocomposites for aerospace and helicopter structures

Applied Research Laboratory Faculty and Research Scientists


Col. (ret. USAF) Tim Bair

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: tdb14@psu.edu  |  Office: (814) 863-3880

DoD Operations, Logistics, Manufacturing Technology

Dr. Robert Campbell

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: rlc138@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-8959

Fluid-structure interaction modeling and algorithm development, structural-dynamics and acoustics modeling, fluid-film bearing modeling and solver development, high-performance computing, experimental modal analysis algorithm and software implementation

Dr. Thomas Donnellan

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: tmd11@psu.edu  |   814-865-6345

Manufacturing, Advanced Composites

Col. (ret. USA) Sam Evans

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: sse11@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-2569

Flight Dynamics, DoD Operations, Logistics, HUMS

Dr. Stephen Hambric

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: sah19@only.arl.psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-3030

Structural Acoustics

Aaron Isaacson

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: aci101@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-5832

Gear performance characterization, failure analysis, gear tooth friction and efficiency, ferrous metallurgy, high strength aluminum alloys and aluminum matrix composites, sintering of metal and ceramic matrix composites and control system design

Dr. Nicholas Jaffa

Applied Research Laboratory  |  E-mail: naj15@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-7142

Turbomachinery (compressors, turbines, and propulsion systems), aerodynamics, experimental fluid mechanics, development and validation of novel measurement techniques

Ltc. (ret. USMC) Greg Johnson

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: gjj1@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-8207

Dr. Thomas Juska

Applied Research Laboratory  |  E-mail: tdj2@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-3058

Composite material process development, composite material selection and implementation, thermoset resin and elastomer formulation, and materials characterization

Dr. Michael Kinzel

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: mpk176@gmail.com  |  Phone: 814-867-3926

Aerodynamics, CFD, icing

Dr. Kevin Koudela

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: klk121@psu.edu  |   Phone: 814-863-4351

Composite Structures, Ballistic Protection

Dr. Jules Lindau

Applied Research Laboratory |  Email: jwl10@arl.psu.edu  |  814-865-8938

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multiphase FLows, Turbomachinery

Dr. William Mark

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: wdm6@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-3922

Gear Noise, Vibration

Dr. Sean McIntyre

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: smm5164@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-1741

CFD methods development, multiphase flow models and methods, methods for multi-scale problems, heat transfer

Dr. Karl Reichard

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: kmr5@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-7681

Automated Reasoning, Hybrid Neural Networks, Data Fusion for Complex Systems

Dr. Edward (Ted) Reutzel

Applied Research Laboratory  |  E-mail: ewr101@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-9891

Additive manufacturing, laser material interaction; laser processing; sensing and controls

Dr. Jogender Singh

Applied Research Laboratory  |  E-mail: jxs46@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-9898

Powder processing, surface modifications, coatings, thin films, laser and electron beam processing of materials and materials characterization

Dr. Douglas Wolfe

Applied Research Laboratory  |  E-mail: dew125@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-0316

Synthesis, processing, and characterization of nanocomposite, nanolayered, multilayered, functionally graded and multifunctional coatings for improved erosion, corrosion, and thermal resistance

Dr. Mike Yukish

Applied Research Laboratory  |  Email: may106@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-863-7143

Crashworthiness, optimization

Research Associates and Visiting Scholars


Dr. Robert Bill

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: Billrc2@cs.com  |  814-865-2569

Propulsion and drivetrains.  

Dr. Jacob “Kobi” Enciu

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: jze135@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-1982

Rotorcraft performance, flight dynamics, stability and control, modeling and simulation

Dr. Ilker Oruc

Aerospace Engineering | Email: iuo105@psu.edu | Phone: 814-865-1043

Rotorcraft flight simulation and control

Dr. Jianhua Zhang

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: jxz19@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-1986

Rotorcraft Dynamics, Optimization, Smart Structures



Ms. Debbie Mottin

Aerospace Engineering  |  Email: daj122@psu.edu  |  Phone: 814-865-1966

Administrative Support